When the entourage ignores the suicide

The entourage often passes beside the preparations of a suicide. Sometimes, it is not informed of the whole of it. Deferred action, it has evil to understand what remains often a long time a mystery. Certainly, this incomprehension is fed by the former ignorance of the intentions of committed suicide. Why such an ignorance? Why such a surprise?

The example of the Segantini painter, that Karl Abraham studied, shows that neither its entourage, nor itself knew its close death. Segantini thought of death. But, it did not believe in his, it was not thought mortal. On the contrary, Segantini was impassioned by painting of the mountains. Its entourage was wrongfully reassured and believed it impassioned. Segantini affirmed to have chosen the life ! Therefore Abraham speaks about “unconscious suicide” about it. However, the ultimate term of its passion of painting was indeed death. But, Segantini did not know it.

Under could these conditions, how an entourage which does not suspect nothing be alarmed at the danger? It is as possible as this entourage does not want to take into account indices of suicidal tendencies of which the consequences frighten him.

The entourage has thus a double task to realize after a death by suicide. The first being to recognize that it is indeed about a suicide, in spite of appearances of accident of all kinds. It will be a question for this entourage of overcoming the initial surprise, of deciphering the sometimes thin signs of the last suffering of committed suicide and of clashing with the enigma of an act whose entourage realizes deferred action of the determinants without being able to have the confirmation of it.

We think that committed suicide already made them share of it. But that the entourage did not want to hold of it account for often ridiculous conscious reasons, articulated with the unconscious wish of died of their close relation. It is the whole of these obstacles to the awakening by the entourage of the suicidal dimension of the behavior of their close relation of which we wish to return account. It could appear important to underline this near the entourage, in the situation of the death by suicide of their close relation.

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